CALLING KYLIE WITH THE GOOD HAIR – From Lemonade To Kool-Aid With Kylie Jenner

fucks with you until I realize I’m just too much for you

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Moral Of The Story (PH Kylie With The Good Hair Solutions)


Click on the image above to see some good hair demonstrations by Kylie!

“He better call KYLIE with the good hair
He better call KYLIE with the good hair”

PH #AllSummerSixteen Remix
Produced By Wynter Gordon, Beyoncé & MeLo-X

Better Me = Call Kylie With The Good Hair!

You know we keeps it “P” till 3003 around these parts, and it’s not that The Pimpin don’t have or feel any emotions, but rather, manages emotions more effectively than most others, so let’s make this quick and effective executive decision to call up Kylie with the good hair solutions that loves and respects us in the way that she should to attain a payoff as valuable a such.

Another “P” True Hollywood Story.