PROGRESSIVE PROSTITUTES (PART 2) – Why Kylie Jenner Is Definitely Operating On A Higher Vibration!!


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On Elevating Your Vibration Higher With


Conversations With Self Be Like…

Question: Bro, what is required to really get it and keep it poppin how you like?

Answer: Just picture it in your mind exactly how you like it to be with your only limitation being your own imagination, which is actually pretty vast, and then get on the frequency and vibration of how it is when everything is flowing smoothly and pimpishly spectacular, and just stay there, while you are moving around, because you will begin to see it manifest in front of you as your created future, I mean just look at what is on the screen in front of you right now, and continue to watch what you are talking about, because you will see it, guaranteed!




Another “P” True Hollywood Story.