ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK – She’s Got More Instagram Followers Than Mark Zuckerberg, But He’s O.K. With That

Visited Nollywood, crashed a hip hop music video, and met some of Nigeria’s biggest stars.

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How much did Mark Zuckerberg pay for Instagram?

Everyone thought Mark Zuckerberg was crazy to buy a 13-person app for $1 billion — now Instagram looks like one of the most brilliant tech acquisitions ever made.

Follow Business Insider: Eduardo Munoz/ReutersFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In April 2012, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg did the unthinkable.

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Visiting Kenya means getting to see amazing natural beauty and wildlife. Here is a photo from Lake Naivasha. A photo posted by Mark Zuckerberg (@zuck) on

Moral Of The Story (A “Smaller Ego = A Higher Net Worth” Perspective To Consider)

Instagram’s biggest star in our smallest room. Thanks for stopping by @selenagomez

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Life = Women + Money

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Another “P” True Bollywood/Hollywood/Nollywood Story.