THE GAME IS TO BE SOLD, NOT TO BE TOLD – A Perfect Demonstration Starring Dinah Jane Hansen

i could not give you the recipe . you know that the game is sold separately . ✌🏽️

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Moral Of The Story (PimpHop Culture Solutions)

I cannot give you the recipe
You know the game is sold separately


As time goes on, the underlying messages of the modern age and digital culture are increasingly pointing back to some Pimpology lessons and blessings.

And to think that while I was @ The BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse last night, the song Work From Home by Fifth Harmony was playing out on the patio, and now I find myself doing exactly that while Dinah and her Fifth Harmony sisters are out on tour getting it in and Going For The “W” in South America!

And with that said, once again it’s on…with the show…because the show…must go on…

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