EMOTIONAL NEEDS – The Value Of A Man’s Attention (Part 4) Starring Kim Kardashian Superstar West

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::The 10 Essential Emotional Needs::

We are all born with essential physical and emotional needs and the innate resources to help us fulfil them – known as human ‘givens’ – which need to be met in order to facilitate good mental health.

Following are the ten main innate emotional needs:

1) Security — safe territory and an environment which allows us to develop fully

2) Attention (to give and receive it) — a form of nutrition

3) Sense of autonomy and control — having volition to make responsible choices

4) Being emotionally connected to others

5) Feeling part of a wider community

6) Friendship, intimacy — to know that at least one other person accepts us totally for who we are, “warts ‘n’ all”

7) Privacy — opportunity to reflect and consolidate experience

8) Sense of status within social groupings

9) Sense of competence and achievement

10) Having meaning and purpose — which comes from being stretched in what we do and think.


Source (Read More): https://mindsalot.wordpress.com/10-emotional-needs-that-must-be-met-for-good-mental-health


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