KNOW COMMENT – When Social Media Comments Meet Mental Health Starring Danielle Bregoli

Everyone want to point the finger at me smh 🖕🏻

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1. a verbal or written remark expressing an opinion or reaction. “you asked for comments on the new proposals” synonyms: remark, observation, statement, utterance;

1. express (an opinion or reaction). “the review commented that the book was agreeably written” synonyms: remark on, speak about, talk about, discuss, mention



They don’t like to see u winninnnnnn 🚖@ownthelight ⬅️go read his caption


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men·tal health

a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being.
“all this pressure seems to be affecting his mental health”

Moral Of The Story (PH Psychological Wellness Solutions)


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“Keepin It Pimpin” by definition is when you are both willing and able to provide effective solutions for some of the world’s biggest problems that are increasing in magnitude through going viral and becoming trending topics, problems that even many of the big name people are not only not able to resolve but are themselves struggling with the same issues, so what we are currently @ Liberty to share with you as a valued viewer at this time as we continue with our work is simply that if the actual sickness itself is being caused and then spread by way of communication, then the cure and therapy for such said sickness is also caused and spread by way of communication, with its originating source being healthy and well individuals who are occupying and maintaining a toxic free, psychologically therapeutic environment such as the one you are currently occupying here at Mighty Mighty!

Know Comment.