FIRST CLASS BY HIGH DEFINITION – Khlo Money With The California License Plates On The Double R


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first class

ˈˌfərs(t) ˈklas

1. a set of people or things grouped together as the best.

adjective & adverb
1. of the best quality.
“a full-scale grand opera needs a first-class orchestra”


Moral Of The Story (PH California Luxury Life Solutions)


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When you really think about it, while posted up @ the drawing board and in the creative flow, all it really is is a great idea, which is being communicated via some words and pictures on a screen, and knowing that Khloé is “Back To Black” goes a long way towards making my job as a black messenger so much easier by knowing who is interested in receiving the important message, also known as a target audience upgrade.


#CommunicationIsKey #CurrencyIsContent #ContentIsCurrency