(How To Use Your Brain Repost) Make Her Move – A Video Demonstration By 1ceberg Slim


Infographic Source: https://custom-writing.org/blog/left-vs-right-brain

(Editor’s Note – Thursday March 30, 2017)
Article originally published Sep 5, 2011 by Rylan Branch

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So, you see, what had happened was…

Sometimes we are blessed with a response from scientists and individuals who are experts in certain fields of study who find some value in the PH articles and the unique perspective that they are being shared from, and they then actually contribute additional and even more ‘spot on’ information regarding the subject quite often, so today’s repost is also adding additional insight on how the human brain actually works as provided by Mr. Jack Milgram at the following link.


We hope that it may encourage more of our valued viewers to contribute some additional expert insight that you may wish to share and see featured here at PimpHop.com in the name of making the world a more intelligent and well informed place, which is simply a matter of contacting us at either of the links below.



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Round And Round She Goes, And Where She Stops.. She Does NOT Stop on Planet PimpHop

Round And Round She Goes, And Where She Stops.. She Does NOT Stop on Planet PimpHop!

Welcome Home!

Today as a special treat, we have some special mental training exercises that are utilized by teachers at the Jedi Pimp Mystery Schools which exist unbeknownst  to the uninitiated in the name of converting “squares” into circles.

The exercise is a popular left brain right brain balancing mental image often referred to as the Dancing Girl Optical Illusion, and while in study last night, I came across an excellent You Tube video presentation by an individual known as 1ceberg Slim, so out of respect for The Game, it is now featured here at Your Friendly Neighborhood PimpHop.com for those who have the required five or so minutes of time to spare.

Special Notice:

This video and exercise can potentially alter your brain function permanently and while this may be of great necessity for some, I advise that each proceed with a suitable amount of caution.


A different perspective to consider.. LITERALLY!