SHE’S @ YOUR SERVICE – Congratulations To Ayesha Curry As The New Official Instagram Brand Ambassador!!!


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Moral Of The Story (And This Is Extremely Important + Relevant Because?)


As a matter of actual fact, we as people use social media services to connect with people.

From that point, we as people can either connect with people for the sake of serving people, or we can connect with people for the sake of using people.

Now if we look up the word poor on the online dictionary, it lists the word needy as a synonym, and likewise, if we look up the word needy, it lists the word poor as a synonym.



So with Ayesha, we can thankfully see that she is naturally inclined to use social media services to connect with people in order to better serve people, to the extent that the staff at Instagram who are providing a good service for many can also connect with Ayesha and receive some good service from an individual who happens to reside in the local area of Instagram HQ, as Instagram itself as a piece of software as well as a brand is created and maintained by actual people who also have basic human needs which again confirms the notion in the prior PH Ayesha Curry post listed below.
everybody eats

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In closing, we send a honorable shout out and congratulatory message to Ayesha Curry as the Real M.V.P. of the league for the second year in a row for her leadership role of guiding souls in the direction of the rich house and away from the poverty of neediness which is guaranteed by way of a sincere dedication to the provision of good service.