WORKING GIRLS DO WORK – Kylie Jenner Is In It To Win It + Is Slaying The Kompetition

life in plastic it’s fantastic 😛

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Moral Of The Story (Issa Kompetition!!!)

“Girls compete with each other, women empower one another.”


So say the disempowered power seeking women as a coping mechanism to deal with the feeling of powerlessness and inferiority coming as a result of of being slayed by the working girls who do work and are in it to win it!

Mental Note


From the looks of it, some hoeing is what’s really going and the magazine business is booming, especially when it’s an Internet Magazine that features online social media digital images from print magazines, like, created in 2002 in anticipation of such a scenario does with a 19 years young Kalifonia Girl named Kylie Jenner!


Stay Tuned In And Bring Your Friends + Your Ends.