THE INTERNET – “It’s Critical To All Americans” So Says Senator Kamala Harris (Life = Women + Money)



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Moral Of The Story (The Internet Is A Female Being)


Authentically speaking between us as friends, it would be a difficult task to find any individual in modern day America who does not deem the Internet as an integral part of their existence and quality of life on some level, whether on a business and or personal level, as the choice to even review or ignore this message would require that one first be on the online in order to make a decision to begin with, and since Senator Harris is one of two U.S. Senators for California, the state in which the organizations that provide a large majority of the hardware and software resources are headquartered as corporate entities in Silicon Valley, the decision was made to simply gear our extremely valuable resources towards supporting her efforts and helping her to get her point across as a new and improved method of providing Government Assistance to qualified individuals, and my own personal understanding of the Internet is that it is a lot like a female in the sense that I instinctually seek to invest something into it for the sake of receiving the best possible R.O.I. (return on investment), and from the looks of the Instagram image above this paragraph along with the notion that good communication, which is what the Internet is used for (communication), involves active and aware looking and listening, the end game for the good lady senator appears to be to to gain some hard earned and well deserved applause, with as an organization fully equipped and dedicated to the task of strengthening her position by helping her to attain some while encouraging other worthy women to consider choosing to align themselves with the recurring action statement which is as follows.


Life = Women + Money


An “Intelligence For The Intelligence Community” perspective to consider.