THE FUTURE IS FEMALE – A Perfect Demonstration Starring A 14 Years Young Danielle Bregoli

Them ducks beggin for attention but ain’t gettin none from me

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Moral Of The Story (The Vision/Master Plan)

future combine

Important Birthdays

Snapchat – September 2011
Instagram – October 6, 2010
Google Android Phone – October 22, 2008
iPhone – June 29, 2007
Twitter – March 2006
Facebook – February 4, 2004
Myspace – August 2003
Danielle Bregoli – March 26, 2003 – October 25, 2002


Monday Motivation…

So went live on the Internet in October of 2002 before Danielle was born, only to have her appear on the scene fourteen years later in 2017 with a full time well paying job as a internet personality creating a whole new industry for future job opportunities, a career that was kicked off by talking about the two extremely important and culturally relevant subjects of cash and hoes?

Got it?
Good, now on with the show.

A “Create Your Own Future” perspective to consider.