CONSISTENCY IS KEY – PH Instagram Elevation Solutions Starring Hrush Achemyan + Kim Kardashian West




Moral Of The Story (PH Instagram Elevation Solutions)


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“You Are Paid In Direct Proportion To The Difficulty of Problems You Solve.”

-Elon Musk

“The ‘secret’ to making money, is knowing the difference between money and wealth.

Money is a symbol; wealth is a state of awareness that allows you to tap into your inner creativity in order to fulfill a need that somebody else has.”

-Deepak Chopra

“The only way to become wealthy is to add more value to people’s lives than anyone else is adding.”

– Tony Robbins


Welcome To #WCT (Woman Crush Thursday)!

Some Extremely Useful Pimpformation = The value of Kim’s Insta-Feed and her overall personal brand in general, is directly proportional to her ability and willingness to add value to the lives and elevate the status of others, similar to how the enormous value of is directly proportional to its ability and willingness to add value to the lives and elevate the status of others, to the extent that Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram developed an embedded post option with the foresight of there being a growing need for the ability to pave a path that would allow individuals to be set apart from the crowd outside of their own individual online social networking eco-systems if its users desire to elevate their living standards to that of the hills of Bel-Air, or Calabasas, etc, where the actual foot traffic and population of the environment is substantially lesser than many other common areas, while simultaneously maintaining a property value that is substantially greater than that of many other common areas, because as in any given game, there are levels, or more simply put,



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