REAL NEWS – Picture Coco Taking Over The Media With Intergalactic Media Conglomeratte



Moral Of The STory (PH Media Takeover Solutions)


Media stands for middle, and cleavage is in the middle, as if cleavage really is the media, that in these days and times is heavily reliant on computers, a word that has the same first two letters as Coco’s name, and if Coco likes to be in a media magazine and pictured with the creator of a magazine as pictured above, and she likes to star in her own commercials on Instagram as also seen above, then we just do the best thing and create and offer an online life experience magazine for her to be in that she likes, with her Instagram that she also likes to be in, embedded inside of the online magazine that she likes to be in, even when her Instagram shows her in a picture, of her picture in a print magazine, on her Instagram, embedded inside of an online life experience magazine..

See below.




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