GIRLS ON FILM – A New Hollywood For A New Economy Starring Rose McGowan (Life = Women + Money)

Girls on Film

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Photo by David LaChapelle With @lilkimthequeenbee @missymisdemeanorelliott @donatella_versace @rosemcgowanarts one of the more surreal days of my often surreal life. David was shooting Donatella, Missy and Lil Kim for the Best Friends issue of @interview magazine I stopped by to say hello to David and introduce him to my sister who was visiting from a small town. I was immediately asked to join the shoot. I kept telling editor Ingrid Sischy that I couldn’t be in the shoot because I wasn’t really their friend and it was the Best Friend issue. For some reason I was really hung up on that honesty thing. Next thing I know I’m in a chair and my long hair is being curled by @orlandopita who was a very renowned hairdresser. I’m pretty sure Donatella was not happy I was there because every dress I tried on she would have removed from me and put on her. I stupidly asked Missy Elliot (whom I continue to bow down to) if her jewelry was real cos they were so big and beautiful. She got really offended and didn’t speak to me for the rest of the shoot. I didn’t realize that my question maybe translated to ‘I don’t think you can afford this’ cos the reality was I didn’t know anyone that could’ve afforded it in real life. My earrings at the time were cubic zirconia. Lil Kim was rad and ran around totally naked which was great except for when it was time for her to get her wig changed she made everyone leave the room. I was quite shy and it was stressful. Not a best friend’s vibe at all. My poor sister was like wtf is going on?! I kept trying to leave cos the vibe was so intense and not in a good way. Mostly cos Donatella was upset and clearly didn’t want me to be there. Every time I tried to leave Ingrid the editor said, “Rose, we’ve put you on the cover twice. You owe us.” So I stayed and took part in the tiny mystery of how Rose McGowan ended up in this picture. #PRE-ORDER BRAVE THE BOOK ahhhhh, glamour. In retrospect it was awesome.

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Moral Of The Story (PH Hollywood Takeover Solutions)


My first cover as a photographer + subject #TheFallMag #Art #LONDON

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Side Note (Bonus Iszms)

And from the looks of it, Rose can picture some darkies such as yours truly in the position of Hollywood “Hire-Ups”, and we ain’t even mad @ her tho!

Stronger together #rosearmy #anarmyofthought #rosemcgowan

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The artist becomes the art. Where does your inspiration come from? Discuss with me below.

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Uhhhhh fuck

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Another “P” True Hollywood Story.