LIL MAMA WANNA BE ON TV!!! – The Reality Of Reality TV Starring Kim Kardashian Superstar West



I’ma get on the TV momma, I’ma I’ma put shit down

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A ‘P’ True Hollywood Story


Kato Kaelin On Good Day LA
Wednesday March 7, 2018

While keeping these ducks in a row on a daily basis, the thought always comes to mind as to whether or not our valued viewers may be sick and tired of hearing about the Kardashians all up in their news feeds as if other matters are not really important, but then this morning as a part of the daily routine of yours truly,

I tuned in to Good Day L.A. to see whats poppin with Maria Quiban and the 7 day outlook weather forecast, and then, before you know it, a 2018 Kato Kaelin appeared on the screen in an interview and out of all the things to talk about, the name that came out of his mouth was Bob Kardashian, which brought me back to the days in the 90’s of watching the trial of the century for last century, to where we are now with what is being classified as a Reality TV U.S. president, moving forward to where things are headed, which can and will be none other than where we take it here on the ‘P! Channel here @ Mighty Mighty, getting down to the nitty gritty of reality, which is often classified as perception, and from this perspective, the perception is crystal clear as made self evident by Kim Kardashian West…


  • kimkardashian I’ma get on the TV momma, I’ma
    I’ma put shit down


Let’s make it happen, and just give me my executive producer/show runner credits and perks…


Another ‘P’ True Hollywood Story.