BUT SHE LIKE TO GET SOME LIKES + FOLLOWS THO – Social Media Pimp Game According To Mark Zuckerberg

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Instagram’s biggest star in our smallest room. Thanks for stopping by @selenagomez A post shared by Mark Zuckerberg (@zuck) on

Moral Of The Story (PH Social Media Pimpin Solutions)

I’ma put you on game for the lames that don’t know they’re a rookie
Instagram is the best way to promote some pussy

-Kendrick Lamar

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a conversation with My friend Jack the head of twitter

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Zuckerberg agrees with The Pimpin on this one, because while many of us can easily name a quite a few individuals with more likes and follows than he gets on the social media platforms, it ain’t like he or we are really tripping off the data that displays these facts of life in bold letters, due to some personal self worth issues. 

Solution = No More Parties In L.A.
Move To Chicago.. We Got This…




A California Love perspective to consider.