“UNDERSTANDING WHAT SHE’S SIGNED UP FOR” – The PH High Class/High Fashion Prostitution Solution (Part 2) Starring Kendall Jenner



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Internal Dialouge (Thinking Out Loud…)

#SOLUTION = Teach Her How To Use Her Jedi Mind Powers So That She Can Effectively Control/Manage The Minds/Emotions Of Her Stalkers.

Say mayne, it’s a wonderful thing when she sincerely understands what she’s signed up for, and you overstand what she’s signed up for, because you can then from your position, oversee that what she has signed up for is not yielding the best possible results, which inspires you to create and offer a new and improved program for her to sign up for that yields the mission results of her heart’s desire,which in her own words, is inner peace.


All That Is Was Created.