MONEY – With Cardi B. Down To Do Some Hoe Shit In Exchange For It. Happy 16th Birthday To!!!

exchange Mission Overview – Tuesday October 23, 2018

ph timeline

Greetings Earthlings…

It is the 23rd of October, and on October 25, 2002, was launched, and over the years, the question has been asked verbally and/or internally about what is really what with The Pimpin in, with one of the many valuable allegorical explanations and demonstrations being to be, in possession of the foresight required to see into the future/now in order to be in the best position, to bring awareness to an even deeper question, which is what is really what with the increase of Hoe’ish Shit emerging across Milky Way Galaxy both on and off line, by way of the human mind + technology, with Hoe Shit as an alegory for matters of Life that equate to Women, and their relationship with Money.

Life = Women + Money

The Saga Continues…

Rylan Branch
Janitor/Maintenance Man/Custodian Of Records Life Experience Magazine
Established in 2002
Keeping it “P” till 3003