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When I share some of my experiences, I’m not looking for pity. Through my worst trials is actually when I was able to experience a wholeness that brought peace within myself. When I share, I talk experiences, lessons and coping substitutions. No one can change a person for the good or bad, only the person can themselves. In every chapter I had many kinds of characters who shared some wisdom, growth, advice-love. I’ve had a lot of “strangers” who came into my life for only 5minutes or a hour, helping me become aware of a aspect of myself that was forgotten. I believe we are all connected and ripple effects take place. Wether good or bad, a word or action can either crush or lit ✨a spark within us. Watching another person help a stranger can strengthen wisdom within us. Out of many tools in the world, 1method that helped me was to allow, face, bring in, accept and visualize. Bringing the mind, body and soul together in the present moment. For example(this goes for any kinds of addictions), if your a self cutter and want to “stop” to accept that cutter, druggy, drinker, self victimization, abuser aspect within you in that moment. When you “relapse” to not resist or get discourage but to celebrate and love that part of you “today”. Any addictions seems difficult to quit but it’s all in the mind. What happens is at some point you ignored the pain in your life so much, that your body disconnected with your mind and soul. Your heart took the back seat while your body took over the driver seat. Meditation can help discipline your body to be in the present moment as thoughts come and go, Love the angry , jealous, happy, excited, lazy, motivated, all parts of you. Then making a conscious decision who you want to become. That can look to you like 20pounds healthier or alcohol free, whatever the case. To then visualize repetitively throughout the days, weeks and months until it’s been subconsciously planted so you resonate with the vibrational frequency and information of that which you want to become. Our minds like a muscle.This can take days or years depending on you. Relapse, stop, relapse, stop, relapse then completely stop without force, loving both stages.

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Growing up in Tokyo for 18years. Tokyo with 37million residence. #funfact I believe everything in life is about your personal perception—how you see the world and beyond. I focused on the negative& attracted the negative without consciously being aware. @alexandrauchi111 When I went to school in Japan the kids told me to go back to America, they asked me why I didn’t looked like them, they asked me why my eyes were light brown&hair, they told me I wasn’t one of them, some spit on me, kicked me, pushed me, they put tacks in my school shoes,うわばき(shoes for school-indoors), they left hurtful notes on my chair, they told me I was ugly, they carved out hurtful comments on my school desk, my Japanese school teacher hit my head on a daily&my mother who’s Japanese told me I didn’t look like her, that I’m not like her, that I was too fat, that I was like her husband (who she hated.i still love my mom),I was almost thrown in to jail b/cI looked like a foreigner the “Japanese” cop said that was the reason he accused me of stealing my dads bike, I got bullied everyday to the point I attempted my 1st suicide at age 10.I built this anger towards “Japanese” but the truth is at the end there were “Japanese” who tried to help me, asked if I was ok, people who tried to stand up for me, protect me and who liked me. I focused on the negative when there was good. I chose to label and say that “Japan is shit” that my “own people” didn’t accept me. I labeled based on what I put my attention and focus on. It never mattered b/c even when I was in America, Europe, South America, Canada and all throughout Asia there were people I didn’t get along with and those I got along with. There were kind people & those with attitude. It never mattered what they looked like—their color, culture or gender. It’s great to step back, relax and view experiences and situations from a third perspective. I’m thankful for my experiences. I learned a lot and I’m grateful. I don’t see looks, it’s really about the persons energy, presence and soul. Beyond matter and the surface of this illusion that we think is reality. There’s more than what we see with our physical eye.#ilovejapan A post shared by 🇯🇵🇺🇸🇮🇹 (@alexandra.uchi) on

What does “Every need got an ego to feed” in Pimper’s Paradise by Bob Marley mean?

You know the drill.

On this end, it’s just about putting the proper pimpish thoughts and feelings out into the universe with THE outcome being the manifestation of the ideal picture in the flesh tho…

As Above, So Below…