BUT SOMEBODY’S GOTTA BE THE GROWN UP THO – Establishing Order In The Midst Of Chaos Starring Jordyn + Jodie + Elizabeth Woods

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she does Jordyn better than Jordyn 🙄

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A Word From Up Top

And so that we’re clear and remain as such, it’s not saying that Jordyn + Jodie’s mama ain’t a grown up, because we can look at the Instagram post above and tell that she’s most definitively a grown woman, who is fine as wine too, while her daughters are growing to be like her as their role model.

It is to say and know that the distance in maturity from childhood to grown up status is much shorter for women than for men, at least for yours truly, due to the fact that women and girls are wired to be more emotional to help them emotionally bond better with children who are naturally more emotional as their offspring, and for us to establish and maintain working order on this planet, which is the reason for the visit, it must be done with emphasis on having a solid foundation that is in alignment with other advanced civilizations across the galaxy, is all we’re really saying tho.

Got it?
Good, now on withe the show.


The saga continues.