Liberty Or Death? – Life Outside The Box With R.B.


Welcome Back.

Today’s entry will be another valid confirmation that I live an interesting and enjoyably life.

As I stated in yesterdays video, I am now taking you along on the journey, if you are sure about the choice.

I as usual, got up around 5am and decided to get started on the days events, and as usual, by the time high noon rolls in, like the U.S. military, would have more accomplished than the average person accomplishes in an entire day, if not week.

Upon pondering about what to get into today, I was reminded that 9.5 times out of 10, a good old fashion walk around the hood will bring the answer to any possible question that I may have, and it will usually show itself in the form of some occurrence.

With that said, after talking with my neighbor, I decided to set sail. In the process, I was pondering about how for some odd reason, time spent on the Internet these days seems to feel quite strange and suspect , even though it is a normal daily routine for many. None the less, my spider senses always serve me well, so as soon as I got near the strip mall near my house, I um… beheld a


Pale Horse.

The story unfolds as it was pulling away from the Olive Garden restaurant as soon as I appeared at the exact same spot.I thought to myself, and wondered what this scene was trying to convey to me, because as I stated before, its an interesting life.

As I continued walking towards the mall, just a ways down the street, the vehicle then pulled in to the Carls Jr’s restaurant up ahead, and I saw the driver ot the car walk in. I then remembered that I had my camera along with me for the journey, and my thoughts to bring it would pay off if  I was to capture the occurrence. As soon as I got close enough to capture a descriptive image, the driver was coming out with a cup of coffee. He saw me taking photos, and while not expressing a problem, his facial expression did show that my actions were not apart of his ordinary routine.

He then got inside, turned on the ignition, and drove off, first down the street, then he made a left at the light as I was continuing to travel straight ahead to the mall.


What does this all mean, and even more important, was it a good or grave sign? The way my mind works, its one of the best possible signs that I could receive as well as an indication of what I was pondering on as I left on the journey.

My reasoning is actually quite simple.

A. I was on the outside of the vehicle.

B. I was outside under the sunshine and on the pavement.

C. I was standing on my feet and actually moving throughout the entire scene and the vehicle went in a different direction than the one that I was headed in.

On that note,I can now actually consider myself as about as outside of the box as one can get!

Can you say checkmate?

With that said, I am thankful for the wisdom which I have aquired over the years, which always addresses this rule.

“If you are doing as you see many others doing, in the exact same or similar way, chances are, you are doing something wrong.”

During those times when I start to feel like


I Am Legend, its a challenge due to the feeling of aloofness one would experience, yet at the end of the story, standing my ground always seems to turn out to be the proper choice, at least for me.

In closing, I had to wonder if whether or not the intended passenger inside of the vehicle above actually found themselves there due to the fact that it was at first presented to them in the form of a
zone of safety and comfort
, inside of a box, still and alone, where no one could get in and harm the individual and they were free to present an image of themselves which was not readily,verifiable as authentic,somewhat similar to the popular behavior at many popular internet social networking websites?

To each his/her own, I will have to err on the side of caution as opposed to the side of exhaustion.

The day is still young, as am I, so stay tuned.

See You At The Top
( And Bring A Friend!!)


Written By

R. Branch

Code Name

Scotty Pimpin