Peace Of Mind vs. Piece Of Puddin'

Thank God Its Friday, actually, my stance is that everyday should be appreciated, but that’s  just me.

Today’s topic is one that falls in line with a core value of this publication, which is authentic conversation.

The people behind the scenes here at your Friendly Neighborhood work long hours to ensure that everything that hits the web waves is up to par and according to specs, and with our current upgrade proceedings, we have to discuss areas in which we need to expand the scope of our focus, and areas that we may need to delete from the script all together.

With that said, if you pay close attention, you will see that the models area is no longer visible, and I decided this morning that perhaps it is best to allow our viewers to chime in on the proceedings and possibly offer insight in regards to how to make things better.

I will be the first person in line to tell you without hesitation that I actually enjoy the company of beautiful women with pleasant attitudes, and this online publication is actually in existence with that thought in mind.

It has been since 2002, and I have seen and met my fair share of fair ladies, and hope to continue to. The key element that is often missed is that I actually had this type of lifestyle many years before the Internet Magazine came into existence, and it is more of a situation where was developed to expand upon this tendency and make it into a viable business.

I state this, because during my time in this venture, I have learned some extremely interesting things about how different people perceive things in a different way, especially when it comes to the good old fashioned subject of male female relationships.

Along the way, some have classified what they see as a “panty getting scheme“, and while I can possibly see how they may perceive it in this fashion, I know way ahead of time that those types of scenarios seldom if ever turn out to be effective and profitable.

With the Internet, and its increased usage and expansion, I can say for certain that one of the primary draws to this virtual reality environment is inspired by opposite sex attraction. I mean, its a normal and natural thing, right?

Here is where things that are beginning to show up in the end results need to be discussed, as for a majority of the time, the feedback that I get regarding online connections that move to personal encounters is seldom positive.

I could go on and on, yet I have decided to simplify the matter, so since there is two sides to every story, lets have a look at both.

For the females

I have had the opportunity on numerous occasions to review some of the mail and comments received by various women with social networking profiles that I know personally, and I can clearly see, that a lack of social skills on the part of certain males would cause this type of negative emotional response from a woman, and leave her with a poor quality experience while socializing on the web.

For the males

Its fairly reasonable to comprehend that if a male who is heterosexual, sees some images of what a woman may look like in person, and there is a means for potential back and forth communication, they would make an attempt to make contact, as I do just about every single time I am on the Internet.

It also would stand to reason, that if what the male is seeing is somewhat resemblance of a porno box cover photo shoot series, certain males would likely express their views based on what he is seeing, which would make it a bit close to insanity for a woman to feign shock or offense when this is what she displays.

Who is to blame?

I would actually say that I am, and the reason is simply so that I can assume the power to provide a resolution for the issue, so my own personal resolution is as follows.

Simple and plain, I like a piece of puddin as much as the next man, perhaps even more so, depending on which female you ask.

At the same exact time, if a choice between a piece of puddin and peace of mind is presented to me, I will always select the peace of mind option, as being a leader, keeping the boat a float, and continuing to bring you the relevant and excellent quality things you have been accustomed to receiving from us, requires that this option be selected.

As a 2010 and beyond solution, lets make an upgrade by stating that while it is often said that

“you cant have your cake and eat it too”

my stance is that when I visit a restaurant such as

Cheesecake Factory - Las Vegas, NV

their thinking reflects a stance that shows that

“you can and would be wise to very well put the cakes on display for sale by the slice or full dish.”

Sound like a plan?
Good, so again, its on with the show!