(REPOST) HOW TO BE AN ATTRACTIVE PERSON – The Game According To Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Berkshire Hathaway Staff, And Hooters Girls 2006-07



1. providing pleasure or delight, especially in appearance or manner; pleasing; charming; alluring: an attractive personality.

2. arousing interest or engaging one’s thought, consideration, etc.: an attractive idea; an attractive price.

3. having the quality of attracting.

Moral Of The Story-


The Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO /ˈɡaɪkoʊ/) is an auto insurance company. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway that as of 2007 provided coverage for more than 13 million motor vehicles owned by more than 11 million policy holders

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GEICO

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