MOST PAID vs. MOST LIKED – Which One Is Your Most Desired Social Status?


verb (used with object), paid or ( Obsolete, except for def 12 ) payed, paying.

1. to settle (a debt, obligation, etc.), as by transferring money or goods, or by doing something:
Please pay your bill.
2. to give over (a certain amount of money) in exchange for something:
He paid twenty dollars for the shirt.
3. to transfer money as compensation or recompense for work done or services rendered; to satisfy the claims of (a person, organization, etc.), as by giving money due:
He paid me for my work.
4. to defray (cost or expense).
5. to give compensation for.
6. to yield a recompense or return to; be profitable to:
Your training will pay you well in the future.
7. to yield as a return:


adjective, (Poetic) liker, likest.

1. of the same form, appearance, kind, character, amount, etc.:
I cannot remember a like instance.
2. corresponding or agreeing in general or in some noticeable respect; similar; analogous:
drawing, painting, and like arts.
3. bearing resemblance.
4. Dialect, likely:
‘Tis like that he’s gone mad.
5. Dialect. about:
The poor chap seemed like to run away.
6. in like manner with; similarly to; in the manner characteristic of:
He works like a beaver.
7. resembling (someone or something):
He is just like his father. Your necklace is just like mine.

Moral Of The Story (Solution)

Cause I don’t like to dream about getting paid
So I dig into the books of the rhymes that I made
So now’s a test to see if I got pull
Hit the studio, cause I’m paid in full

– Paid in Full Lyrics


A paid in full perspective to consider.