You Snooze You Loose

Welcome home.
It is Tuesday, 02-02-2010, which officially make this a rare triple
2’s Day Newsday, so I decided to start the day with something befitting.

Much consideration is placed on what types of content should be featured here at, and the word that usually pops up is known as relevant.

That still leaves the question regarding how exactly to define relevant, and since I have only myself and my higher ups to answer to, I seek to share things that I believe any person in any walk of life could find useful, and this subject fits the description as sleeping is a human tendency known around the galaxy, so lets see what we are dealing with for todays news.

1. you snooze, you lose

-an expression which states that anyone will miss out on a great opportunity if they don’t remain aware or open to communication.

“I tried to call you about those concert tickets, but there was no answer…guess you were still crashed out…. so I took Marsha instead.
We had an awesome time, both at the show AND afterwards! ”

“oh well, you snooze you lose I guess.”

Big ups to Urban Dictionary for providing accurate definitions in the way that we need to view them, as it proves a valid point, which is that regardless of how philosophical, religious, new age spiritual, or any other
smart and important sounding ways there are to convey a message, the best way in my opinion, to convey a true life wisdom pricniple is trhough simplicity, so much so, that I will simply leave you with the definition to ponder on, so that if you do find yourself loosing, and want a change ,

it may as simple as putting a stop to snoozing.

In closing, lets leave with a track from Christina Milian, so that we can keep it thorough in regards to the closing line that you have gotten used to and is slowing becoming a mantra, which is….

On with the show!