Como Ama Una Mujer-Album Review

Como Ama Una Mujer-Album Review
Como Ama Una Mujer, (translation-How A Woman Loves) is Jennifer Lopez’s first all spanish album. On this album, Jennifer proves that she really can sing. This album, unlike her previous ones, is more natural and more her, without all of the distractions of the strong dance beats, background singers, guest artists, etc. with this album you distinctly hear Jennifer’s voice, and it sounds good, especially since Jennifer chose songs that fall within her musical range and have lyrics filled with a lot of raw, unbridled emotions and passion, that as an experienced actress, Jennifer is able to convey the meanings of the lyrics beautifully.

Creatively, this album has Marc Anthony’s style written all over it, as both the producer, and as the male voice in the background vocals for many of the songs. This album is mostly ballads, which is a departure from the pop/ dance/ hip-hop songs that Jennifer has done in the past.

Thinking about what is hot now, and also thinking about what Jennifer’s fans know and love from her, I think that she should have put some songs on this album that are more danceable to, like some reggaeton, or some shakira like “Hips Don’t Lie” type of songs, tracks that could be played in the club and would hype people up and make them want to dance.

Although this is not what is expected from Jennifer, this album is definitely worth listening to. I especially like, the first single, “Que Hiciste”, (translation-What Have You Done) This song is lyrically different and much darker and edgier than all of the sweet love ballads, “Que Hiciste” grabs your attention as an angry song with a strong Rock beat, that has a catchy hook that makes you want to sing along.

All things considered, if you’re looking for some, cool, mellow, laid back music to vibe to while you’re relaxing, or something different to listen to in the background while you’re taking care of business, than this is the album for you!

**Album in stores now**

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Kristina Sullivan