Cisco vs. Apple Still A Heated Issue

Ding Ding Ding, the bell has rung and the gloves are off! In the ring this this evening… the blue corner Cisco Systems, the red corner Apple Computers. The reason for this heavy weight bout? Apples use of a the trademarked name “iPhone” which Cisco claims it is the owner of.

Apparently Apple filed for a trademark on the “iPhone” name on September 15th, in an attempt to side arm the trademark currently in place.

In the September 15th filing, Apple describes iPhone as “handheld and mobile digital electronic devices for the sending and receiving of telephone calls, faxes, electronic mail, and other digital data; MP3 and other digital format audio players.”…..Apple originally sought the iPhone trademark back in March, when it filed a similar request with a trademark office in a nation off the coast of South America.

Whats being said over at ZDNet

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