Google TV

Welcome Home.
It is a great time to be in the new media technology business as an intergalactic media conglomerate and we are about to witness a revolution that has been in the works for a few years now, with the results fully dependent on how we as Internet users adapt to the change and advancements in technology.

The product is officially known as Google TV, two words that are of importance worldwide in regards to entertainment and information. Without going into much technical detail, the general idea states that you can now enjoy the Internet and all of its functions on your HDTV and also use all of Google’s web resources to enhance your listening and viewing experience.

The question and debate regarding the transformation is as to whether or not we as viewers will embrace content and programming from non traditional broadcasting sources or will prefer to keep Internet content and services for computers and phones, and television for its usual purpose, which is to be fed with programming from our regular sources.

From our perspective as a company being based in Los Angeles as an Internet company, my guess would be that traditional programming styles with scripts and professional production can be kept the same as the standard here in the current media capital, and the Internet along with devices also used with its enhancements of broadcasting content for viewing on the good old fashioned television screen in digital high definition.

In closing, simply put, we can perhaps build a bridge of communication and collaboration from Southern California up to Northern California and on up into the Pacific Northwest and beyond, allowing all worthy individuals and groups to get a piece of the action.

For example.
This is Yajiara Ramirez, AKA Mrz. Lovely on You Tube whose parent company is Google Inc. This video was shot in the state of Washington, home to Microsoft Inc. which at some point in the equation will have a part to play in the transferring of data along Internet lines.

On a most basic and fundamental level, is something along these lines suitable content that you could imagine playing on your HDTV set.

If so, then stay tuned.
If not, then stay tuned.

A different perspective to consider.