Al Sharpton vs.

Once Again Its ON!!!
In The News, Al Sharpton, is in the mix AGAIN with an attack launced against popular celebrity news site,
for their use of the term ROBO-HO, in regards to Beyonces’ outfit at the BET AWARDS in late June 07.

Al Sharpton Says
(Pimphop Paraphrase)

“Shame On You White People.Using The Term “HO” to describe a woman is demeaning, and we aint havin it,So Um… I need for you to give me some press on your outlet to let the world know what I think, because that shit matters much to people.”

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TMZ.COM says
(Pimphop Paraphrase)

Hold The Phone Pimpin….
We used the word ROBO-HO to refer to Beyonces’ OUTFIT, and not her personally.
And while we are at it Pimpin, is it OK to use the word HO for any woman EXCEPT for a BLACK WOMAN??”

They(TMZ.COM) then go on to point out numerous examples of where they have used references to A-List Celebs( All RACES) and their ‘get ups’ as some form of a Ho, or Working Girl, as if to infer that they are portraying the image of  New Mellinium Prositutes.
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PimpHop Perspective.
Looks like we’ve started a trend AGAIN,
by infering that Hollywood has Many Many More ACTUAL & VISIBLE WORKING GIRLS, than most outsiders would actually believe.
Shit, Lets see who Wins the Debate.
We can Say the “S” word here on