Obama In Pimp Pajamas

In The News.
As you must surely have heard by now, the
‘Obama Girl’ web presentation has grown beyond anyones wildest imagination, and since you are here on an Internet Magazine, you can go ahead and simply see what all the hype is about RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.
Pro Obama really means “PRO” Obama.

Now the mainstream news outlets are reporting that while its a hit on the web, its not hitting the spot within the Obama Household.

This is part of the process of politics that can be difficult, (that) is making sure that your kids and your wife and your family are insulated from both things like this and what I suspect will be at some point some negative campaigning, Obama said.

PimpHop Perspective
Negative Campaigning, meaning generating an overwhelming buzz to your campaign, using the oldest and still MOST EFFECTIVE political strategy tactics in history?
Facts would show , that in todays current climate, a President who keeps it “P” and is willing to do what it takes to WIN, even if it means being a PIMP ABOUT HIS, is who the votes would be most attracted to.
Worked for Clinton-Bill AND Hillary.
Barack, you just lost one.

See You At The Top
Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin