Sandra Bullock – Some Light For The Blind Side

If you even clicked this entry, you most likely already know the scoop, and simply wanted to hear what our side of the story is, so lets make it available for your viewing pleasure.

First and foremost, there is a market for everything, so in regards to Michelle Bombshell Mcgee, the whole Suicide Girls/ Ed Hard tattoo chick jump off is something that has grown astronomically in popularity over the past five years.

In regards to the actions of Jesse James, I would have to say that it really depends on the type of guy that a woman chooses to partner with, as I am sure that there were some signs showing since the beginning, and perhaps the only REAL damage is felt when the news is made public.

Lucky for us, the PR function of this online publication could easially doctor the spin by recommending that Sandra Bullock be made aware that

what she sees, REALLY IS,  what she gets,

and there are in fact a few financially challenged African American males in your immediate vicinity that are in need of  female superheros to save the day in exchange for some honesty and sincere appreciation.

The results have already been calculated by the academy,
and leading woman roles are in fact now available here at
Your Friendly Neighborhood

In regards to Michelle Mcgee, the other woman role as a means for publicity angle has been proven by the Tiger Woods Mistress dilemma to be short lived and not worth much in the long run, so consider aligning yourself with an organization that actually is in fact an equal opportunity employer, as with, there are no losers….. EVERYBODY WINS.

A different perspective to consider.