Kindle Fire – Yet Another Tablet

Kindle Fire is what it is being labeled as before its widely anticipated release sometime this week (Wednesday 9/28).

Yet another tablet, a 7″ inch “Kindle w/Color”of sorts with some added tablet features that are provided by the Google Android OS systems that run on tablets and smartphones, and while it could just be the crowd that I am around, I have yet to see the vast explosion of tablet usage that justifies the way that the products are being marketed and have been since the introduction of the iPad, and in actuality, I see more basic Kindle e Readers than I see iPads in frequent usage, even at Starbucks.

What I can say is important to note about this Kindle Fire tablet is that the online magazine concept is on the minds of the marketing and publishing  industry executives who have jumped on board with this new Amazon product debut prior to its release in anticipation of something worthwhile and innovative happening in the industry.


When Amazon unveils its new iPad-like device on Wednesday, it will have the backing of at least three of the big magazine publishers: Hearst, Conde Nast and Meredith all have deals to sell digital versions of their titles on the new device, according to industry sources.

The notable standout, for now, is Time Warner’s giant Time Inc., which has yet to come to terms with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. A person familiar with negotiations suggests that a deal won’t get done in the next two days, either — “hopefully by the end of the year” was the guidance I got today

Digital Version Magazines?
Who thinks of these type of bizarre things?