Keep It 80's with Kangol

It seems as if the key word in 2008 is “8” as in 80’s.
It IS what it IS, so Let it Be.
If my memory sevrves me well, Official Pimpin Standards would in fact lead you smack dab into the name of a household brand, known as Kangol.
What better than a FURRY KANGOL for the Winter Months.

 The brand actually has quite an extensive history, and out of all of the popular brands that have “BENNIFITED” from an association with HipHop culture, this particular brand should be first on the list.Yet if the brand stands the test of PIMP HOP culture,  it stands on its own, so Kangol is will continue to be Pimpish Regardless.
Before the Coporatization of URBAN Culture, the FLY SHIT was and still is KANGOL.
Have a look at the picture below and see what I mean.

 Ladies Love Cool J, and from I can tell, the Kangol plays a significant part.

It goes back even further, to lets say

Circa 1984, before many of you reading this were even born is The Game.
To the far left, you will see Kangol Kid, as indicated by the Belt Buckles.
Its a classic tale of who stands the best chance of scoring the coveted prize,which was
a chick named Roxxane, who actually is said to have threatend your favorite rapper NAS with a Beat Down, if he didnt follow through and perform at a park jam back in the 80s in Queens N.Y. projects as a youth.
At the end of the day, no one caught Roxxane, yet the video can help assertain who stood the best chance, and I say Kangol Kid had the advantage.

The  Game Never Stops, as the Brim Of Choice for your favorite actor, Samuel Jackson is a Derby Kangol, turned to the Back for Pimp Appeal most certainly.

Kangol….its Pimpin If You Got It,
Get It?

Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin