The Mighty Casey Interview- PH Exclusive

Through an interesting chain of events, I happened to stumble upon a You Tube video , which was a favorite of many on the now defunct BET UnCut Program.I then followed the trial to the myspace page of the artist that made the song, and well, long story short, when something REALLY NEEDS to be said, it interestingly enough will find its way to the surface. On that note, wouldn’t you like to know what was said? Of course, so Read Em and Peep.

Mighty Casey Interview-

Q:Jumping right in, lets have you introduce yourself to our viewers.
A: The Original Rudwbwoy aka ‘Mighty’ Casey the man and the myth.


Q:Ok, from what I am aware of, your “claim to fame” results from a song and video that you produced that found its way to the Historical BET UNCUT late night program, and from there , on to the soundtrack of the popular film called White Chicks, starring Shawn & Marlon Wayans. I also sense that it was all done on a budget of less than $100.00 USD.We need to have a step by step description of how it all went down, leaving no detail spared.

A: I was a an independent artist coming out of Boston and a director heard one of my songs on a college radio show and liked it a lot so he called me up and asked if he could a do a video for the song. I played him white girls and he loved it. He did an internet casting call and shot the video at one of his friends houses. The camera was stolen from his school and all I really had to pay for was the train fare to get to the shoot and back.

(White Girls- Video Below)


Q:Ok, your video was actually in heavy rotation on the BET Uncut show which is no longer airing. While many of the songs were deemed controversial, and unsuitable for minors under the age of 17 years of age, the show was actually a hit or cult classic of sorts. What do you believe or know to be the ACTUAL and FACTUAL cause which led to the show being pulled out of the BET program schedule?

A; I believe a few things. 1st Bob Johnson selling BET to Viacom had a lot to do with it. Debra Lee being named President too, being that she is also a black female. Nelly’s video and the protest from the females at Spelman College brought a lot of negative attention to the show as well. When all the mainstream artists started doing uncut videos, it put a little to much attention to it. Frankly , I’m surprised they were airing it in the 1st place.


Q:Ok, now your video and song was considered by some to be bad look, since it was specifically addressed to white girls. What if any negative feedback did you receive from individuals who opposed your viewpoint?

A: The song was a joke most people got it, and few didn’t. I wasn’t reflecting my own viewpoint, just clownin, sayin racist, sexist, ignorant shit, in the hopes of getting a laugh, showing people how stupid brothers who exclusively chased white girls were.


Q:Could you envision the White Girls song to turn into a movement of its own accord?

A: When the Wayans Bros 1st got at me , they were gonna use it for White Chicks & they were gonna have Terry Crews do a sing a long. I think they took it out to get the PG rating. I thought it would pop off from the movie, but when they moved it to the credits, I wasn’t sure what would happen. I’m surprised as fuck that a major network like BET would not only show the video but show it repeatedly. I knew the song could be big after the 1st couple times that it got played on the radio. What really surprises me how long it stayed with people Considering it 1st aired November 2002.


Q:What is your opinion regarding the backlash that both Nelly and Bubba Sparxx received regarding their UNCUT videos?

A: Nelly was asking for it. If he were to be like Luke and that was his whole steez ,I don’t think no one would fuck with him, but considering how he was so heavily marketed to the 106th and Park, 6-15 crowd. I can see how a lot of people would have a problem with it, considering the fact that his average fans age is 14.


Q: The Laffy Taffy song by D4L actually broke in to the mainstream rotation through first being featured on BET Uncut. What did you think about that song and concept?

A: I thought Laffy Taffy was retarded ring tone jingle rap, not really my steez. No disrespect to D4L, I was at Shawty Lo’s listening party last month and the music was pretty cool and his crew recognized me and was very hospitable.


Q;Would you consider it a double standard , to on one hand have shows that advocate and feature homosexual and bi-sexual behavior on mainstream networks including Viacom affiliated stations, yet a absence and disdain for a show in the late night hours that feature “UNCUT” content usually targeted towards young African American males?

This is PimpHop, where we say what we wanna, so feel free to speak your piece.

A: Yeah Ja Rule touched on that shit. And they show that shit during the day when any 12 year old can watch it. I ain’t got no beef with homosexuality , but it doesn’t need to be encouraged, especially on retarded ass game shows. Shit like Maury and Springer is worse than UnCut too. If you look at all videos and censorship, there is a double standard for black males.We can’t say shit or show shit in the videos, while rock groups get away with murder.


Q: In what direction are you headed now, in your ventures as an artist, producer, and entrepreneur?

A: Shits been crazy. Ain’t no money in hip hop no more. I actually caught a break and discovered a new group, The Movement, through working in Bronx public school system. I got a singer, a keyboardist a bassist, drummer and it some real throwback soul, reggae shit. I’m pretty excited about thefuture, its like some Roots meets the Fugees with a touch of Alicia Keys and Amy Winehouse with a male singer. I’m pretty excited and I think that this group can be very successful in today’s market. Other than that I got the El Bandolero and the Rudebwoy EP featuring my man Oktober Zero, who I did the 6 Brothaz in a Cadillac movie with, that I’m still looking to put out.


Q:What would you like to see more of from and other independent media outlets that would assist you as an individual with ideas that some may deem inappropriate?

A: With the music I’m cleaning my act up. However I still plan on going crazy on the comedy side and I’m sure I will offend a whole bunch of folks who can’t get my sense of humor. I have a hip hop parody DVD in the works and I think it will appeal to all my fans who loved White Girls. Yeah and for all those who ain’t seen it check out the Black Rapping School Video.

(Black Rapping School -Video Below)


Q:Did you support The NY GIANTS as underdogs Prior to their recent Superbowl victory?

A: HELL NO!!!! I’m from Cambridge Massachusetts and am a life long Patriot fan. I still remember having my heart broken when the Pats lost 46-10 in 86. That said, I made a deal with God before the Superbowl that I would accept the Pats losing if Barack OBama would beat Hillary Clinton in the primaries. Right now, I think I made the right decision. The Pats would’ve made sports history. Obama is gonna make REAL history.


Q:This is the freestyle Question. Pluggs, Shout Outs, Get @ Me’s, Holla Backs, and Kiss My Ass Notices all belong here. So Mighty Casey I pass the Mic to you, show the people, what you got to prove.

A: Yeah big up the movement, Naheem, Orane, Joel, Jeremy and the rest of the crew. Big up Oktober Zero big up the Red Sox, the Pats(Next Year), the Celtics(this year) the Coast, Logic, Getz and the rest of the Streetsmart movement all peoples in MA and BK.


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