Keeping Up With The Kardashians

I took a moment to do something I rarely find time for or have or interest in as of late..WATCH REALITY T.V.

Flipping through the channels after the Democratic Candidate Debate , I stumbled upon the Style Channel and a show which I actually forgot was on the air (cable).

The Show –
Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
Here is some feedback from a bit of a different perspective.

The show is actually produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions, based around the lives of The Kardashian Family , with Bruce Jenner included as he is currently married to Kris the mother of the Kardashian children.

For those unfamiliar with the history, Kim Kardashian and her sisters and brother are the children of the late Robert Kardashian,who was brought into the spotlight as a good personal friend and attorney of O.J. Simpson, and was actually the one who arranged the surrender to authorities after the infamous White Bronco Freeway Chase preceding the Simpson murder trial.
Kim Kardashians claim to fame outside of celebrity circles is a result of her infamous sex tape with Ray J, brother of R&B singer Brandy following in the tradition of her
ex-socialite pal Paris Hilton. So with that out of the way, on with the review.

I actually watched 3 episodes in a row, just to be sure to not jump to conclusions before I posted this, yet the facts were confirmed soon after I finished.

First things first.
Are we to say that in the lives of the Grown Kardiashian Girls, there exists NO AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE FRIENDS or ASSOCIATES, or any other minority group members? The storyline of the show makes it appear to be their reality.
One episode was in regards to Kim’s Playboy photoshoot, where she actually met with Hugh Hefner personally.
Another episode was about Kris Jenner’s management crisis , in regards to her daughters career as she is acting as her personal business manager.
The third episode was regarding Khloe’s arrest and trip to the Van Nuys jail for a DUI.

Overall, it was pretty much the same ole soup, just reheated, with the same exact themes, and camera angles and jingles as popular past Celeb-Reality shows, which I actually expected to see due to the short attention spans of people who frequent these programs. Ratings seem to be fairly decent, so I wont say too much in regards to criticism, and chalk it up to supply and demand, yet in So Cal, the odds of spending an entire day without encountering ANY members of any ethnic group except for Caucasians & Armenian (Kardashians) is a bit intriguing, especially with the reputation of the types of men that KIM prefers to um…ASSOCIATE with!

I stayed tuned in, simply out of respect for Bruce Jenner, which was a childhood icon of mine that I actually still respect.
Also, well, Khloe does have a “FATTY” that should be focused on more, and the Kardashian Girl Klan is giving us yet another example of the growing trend which proves what Sir Mix Alot said in the 90’s in regards to Tail Bone.
“Even Whiteboys Have To Shout…BABY gOt baCk!!”

Like I said, I’m going to take it light like the show is meant to be, and simply wait for the proper time to unveil my own “P-True Hollywood Stories” footage, and let the people in , in front of, and around the 7-11’s , Jack in the Box, and Liquor Stores throughout L.A. share a few things of importance with you about whats you REALLY WANNA SEE and KNOW ABOUT.

Till Then.