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Just got this interesting tid bit of news from a popular online hip-hop publication.It appears that Don Juan, Retired Pimp, Spiritual Adviser, and Famous Player Board Chairman has gone into partnership with a Los Angeles based company known as Xonger in an attempt to provide consultation to Britney Spears in her current struggles as a megastar.
Check out The Site at the link below in order to draw your own conclusions. Perspective 
In the month of March 2008, I decided it best to begin to notify those in the industry who like to stop by and borrow ideas that it would actually be in their own best interest to credit the source from which the inspiration originated.Yet since I am a Credit Lender, I can simply give some credit to my ownself as well as those who see fit to take out a loan.

In this particular case, lets clarify a few things…..
On The Link Below, you have a write up known as the Britney Solution, in which I specifically gave adequate advice to spears and her management staff.
(Dated, January 16, 2008 4:22 PM P.S.T.)

Also, please note the link in regards to travel information regarding the State of Dubai in the U.A.E.

At the end of the day, through some MYSTERIOUS COSMIC FORCE, Britney is scheduled for a business trip Dubai, in an attempt to make contacts with influential people in the region.

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