B-Rock Obama- the SUPREME Delegate Has Already Voted

My Bad! I actually do forget to post information regarding world politics, as I seem to believe that individuals already are aware of the ACTUAL PROCESS, yet for those who may not quite get it, we will, for the sake of entertainment, go ahead and share some brief insight.

It perhaps is an interest grabber to tune it to certain TV News networks such as CNBC, CNN or Fox News, yet interestingly enough, they will not let you in on the actual factuals known by the insiders.

Do you notice that through all of the ruckus, B-Rock seems ultra Sure as to his nomination and feels no need to respond to attacks or questions in regards to affiliations with individuals from his past?

Long story short, you may have learned that while the POPULAR VOTE is a small factor in the general Election process as well as political party nominations, its more along the lines of Delegates, and what are known as SUPER DELEGATES, which are a select group of elected officials unkown to the public, that hold the Final SAY SO, in regards to who gets the final nod of approval.

Well, the SUPREME DELEGATE has actually already placed her vote, and it is actually set up for you to belittle , underestimate, and discredit the amount of influence that she carries, in order to not alarm you by making you aware that much of what you may entertain yourself with as the truth, is simply that , ENTERTAINMENT.

For those who DO care to know, the known Supreme Delegate is a young lady named
Amber Lee Ettinger,

known to you as Obama Girl, and for those who may have missed one her latest installments, it is below, compliments of BarelyPolitical.com

See You At The Top

Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin