Got Kids? Today is your LUCKY DAY!

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This is RB from Mighty Mighty
As always, I am extremely thankful for your interest in our online publication.
I know that many of you have wondered why the updates have been coming infrequently as of late, so I felt it best to share some simple reasons.

You can trust that I am ALWAYS in motion with something spectacular to share, so I garuntee that if you have patience, your wait will be well rewarded.

On that note, today I am going to introduce you to someone of extreme importance, and use this as an example to prove that when it comes to your friendly neighborhood, those who demand excellence will always have their needs met when visiting.

As an organization and publication with an emphasis on enjoyable lifestyles, our style of life is actually well balanced with all bases covered, including the areas of FAMILY(Childcare & Education) and INTERPERSONAL Non Platonic Relationships, or Romance for lack of a better term. According to what I have experienced, these areas are cornerstones of life, as conception and birth are both direct results of COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS between Males and Females, and when life challenges in these areas arise, a demand for expert advise and guidance is also created, so today you can consider yourself lucky, as you have now found a source where effective solutions can be found.

This Is My Brother And His Wife Nicole.

In the Family, we call him Fondi, yet for those who prefer and respect more eloquent names and titles ,
he is


Dr.Ifeanyi A. Ufondu, Ph.D. – Educational Psychologist, Certified Behaviorist, Special Education consultant and co-founder of Beautiful Minds Educational & Special Needs Services , doctoral graduate in Education Psychology with an emphasis in Social and Multi-Cultural Foundations at the
University of California, Los Angeles

In short, their services relate to two key areas
A.Healthy Relationships
B.Effective Child Education Methods

I invite you to browse the company website and familiarize yourself with the organization, and I share it with you to simply further the cause of the brand which is to
A.Show People A Good Time
B.Bring People Together

In closing, before I get back to task, I would simply say that a well balanced Approved Lifestyle is in essence to
A.Work Easy
B.Play Easy
which would say that if we at times Party Like Rockstars, we would also
Conduct Business Like Executives,
Provide Support Like Leaders, and
Show Love Like Respectable Humans.

Who Would Have Thought?

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