It's About Time

Greetings Earthlings!

Perhaps what some have said is actually true on certain levels, which is that I seem to have too much time on my hands, so all I know to do is take advantage of the situation and continue to keep the cooler fully stocked with an abundant supply of Pimp Juice, and remained focused on my goal, which is to make this online publication the holder of the most valuable pimpformation found on the world wide web.

As usual, letting my mind roam free, the subject of this post came about through a search for the bottom line, if one actually does exist, and I found myself back in elementary school, recalling some interesting experiences, that prove the experts correct, which is that most of what we believe takes shape during our childhood developmental year.

I used to , and still always question the validity of report cards as an indication of a students quality and performance, and have always believed that somehow some way, people are many times convinced to accept other peoples opinions about things as valid, and as a replacement for ones own judgement.

One particular category and remark that I also received from certain teachers during report card season, is that I used time unwisely.

As a grown up, with elementary school children of my own, I now see clearly that what they were giving as an expert assessment was actually their own opinion, and even as I child, I just believed that I was the more wise to use my time for things that I found interesting and beneficial, as opposed to what was presented to me by others as a wise use of time, so lets see where it all lead to.

Still in childhood, during the 80’s, perhaps it is also proven true, that what children are exposed to actually leaves an impression on their overall perspectives in life, so would it not be befitting to say that on certain levels, is resemblant of one of the groups and figures in music during this era which was the thing to rock to in those days?

Morris Day And The Time

You can say what you will about the influence, yet let the record literally reflect that a couple of the individuals pictured in the image above went on to shape the genre known as R&B and produced a large body of Grammy Award winning platinum and gold singles, in addition to actually holding positions on the board ot the  National Academy Of Recording Arts And Science, which issues the award known to you as a Grammy.

Thats my definition of Big Pimpin in The City of Angels, but more about that in due time.

The original name of the group was Flytetime, which is the name of the above mentioned individuals production company, yet The Time with Morris Day is what we were listening to during the pimpadelic era.

With that said, lets make a transition to answer the question that I would have asked if i were you, which is

Ok, its about time, but.. time for what?

The pay off for taking your time to read this is in knowing that you actually get to fill in the blanks and elevate your game through your unique ability to seize the moment, boss up, and get things done.

Another good example that you may be familiar with is important to me as an executive in the new media arena, and it is actually a household name as well most widely circulated print magazine in America.

Ben Bernake- Fed Reserve Chairman, Person Of The Year 2009

Thats a fly name to give a publication, and with the edition pictured above, well, what you see is what you get, so lets talk about time whether or not what many claim is true which is that time is money and money is time.

I can in fact see the correlation between time and money, yet to offer you more bucks for your bang in 2010, I will simply upgrade the status of time to life, by stating that time is in fact life, which is why we have the term known as Lifetime, like the channel on cable television.

Interestingly enough, media folks must really know their stuff because the popular publication above also has a sister publication that is just as influential in society, known as

Life Magazine- James Bond Goldfinger Edition

Life Magazine.

Something about these four letter words, that make for an interesting read, wouldn’t you say?

I consider it the worlds most precious commodity, as it is actually distributed to everyone equally according to how its measured, and if you can find anyone, beside me, that has more than 24 hours in a day, be sure to leave a comment. Just look at how many things can be done with the commodity known as time.

Given, Taken, Spent, Bought, Sold, Done, Traded, Shared,  Saved,Wasted…… and a host of other verbs to coincide with noun known as Time.

With that said, you can then add some adjectives to it to make it have meaning such as good, bad, hard, easy, etc.

Which of the above conditions of time do you desire the most?
I ask, because my personal opinion is that which ever you wish is actually created by you and others.

My theory is actually congruent with Pimpology standards, and as much of a stigma that some show towards the concepts, those who frequent these parts for what ever reason should see that I actually chose to create it
( An Enjoyable Time) for my self, and offer it to you, and contrary to popular belief, it was not for free, because you actually made an investment of time by reading, as I did by writing, and I did so, with the anticipation that you would find this beneficial and useful, which would make it a good return on your investment, which in my opinion is actually what tends to define a good time.

Ponder on the uses and how you too, can learn the ways of the force, by using time to your advantage and the advantage of others, because I would stand by the claim that the most relevant factor in the resource known as time is that it does in fact reveal all things.

As an added bonus, below are some links to online resources to help manage your time and perhaps view it as a valuable commodity in the way that I do.

World Time Website.
U.S. Government Official Time Website.
Atomic Clock Sync Website
As for me, its the same story.
Its SHOWTIME, and as the rules of the game state, it must go on!