A Brief Discussion About The Business Of Modeling


Whats The Good News?
Its RB, back with something spectacular.

Today I am going to educate you on a few fundamental basics of the industry known as entertainment, primarily in regards to modeling.

Since a majority of the people reading this are young women, with a few men added, its to confirm the idea that HERE is the place where you can find relevant information in regards to your quest for success.

Many actual industry insiders have a bit of a LOVE/HATE relationship in regards to this thing called the Internet, and even more accurately Social Networking for a few different reasons.
The love comes in the form of its ability to connect PROFESSIONALS to FANS with the greatest of ease.
With all things good, there does tend to be and adverse effect, which in this case entails the HATE part as Internet technology, allows for just about ANYONE with the slightest degree of techno savy to put together a professional or SEMI professional LOOKING presentation, yet without the actual KNOWLEDGE of how the industry functions , its simply a great LOOKING presentation, which would lead to NO results or even worse , NEGATIVE results, similar to having a great LOOKING vehicle, that lacks an engine..Its Going NOWHERE.

The end result and cause of concern for industry professionals who have a livelihood to consider is that this actually leads to a mass confusion in regards to who is really SERIOUS vs. CURIOUS, and if the fans and consumers cannot separate the Authentic from the Artificial, the industry tends to suffer tremendously.

So on that note, with many social networking areas, such as Myspace.com , you have an effect which people in the industry call saturation( More Rappers/Models Than Fans).

What it actually boils down to is that the FANS imitate the Professionals, yet without the fundamental KNOW HOW, again, it leads to chaos and confusion.

On that note, I decided to take the initiative to share the information so that those in question can make more informed decisions in regards to where, what and who they may invest their time and energies into, so todays focus AGAIN is in regards to MODELING , for those who want to win!

Lets start with the basics by clarifying the actual terminologies.

any general business activity; commercial enterprise:

a standard or example for imitation or comparison

If you want to thrive in ANY business, you most likely would need to know the DETAILS & DYNAMICS of the business,
so, lets have a brief discussion in regards to the BUSINESS of MODELING.
Typical scenario states that a young woman (or male) such as yourself happen to come across a generous photographer willing to take some photographs of you, in which you can use to post in various sites on the web, hoping that you may now get some PAID work, and earn a living because since you have
PICTURES and look attractive, you are a MODEL….. Or Are You?.

The facts are the a models actual function is to help influence an individual to invest into a product or idea, so for the topic of this debate, lets look at what are known as
The last time you were in the mall or looking at a magazine or any advertisement, you perhaps saw an attractive face and body on a picture that may have had somewhat of an  effect on you .You then took a trip to the place where the product was being sold, and made a few investments, in this particular case, some lingerie,and then your next step was to take a few sexy images in that same attire and post them in various spots because now you are a MODEL.

Now for THE FACTS-
The individual who PAID for the attire and time it took to take the photographers is the CONSUMER, where as the model that the person saw that INFLUENCED them to want to be the one in the picture and actually was PAID for that assignment, is the ACTUAL MODEL, as once again, it is her JOB.

What makes her deserve to the title SUPERMODEL?
The answer is quite simple.
She does a SUPERB JOB and Gets paid a SUPERB amount, due to a womans SUPERB desire to shop.

So on that note, lets compare the difference.

Two types of Model Audiences.

Female Audience Models-

Male Audience Models-

What are the similarities and differences between the two?
The difference is that each are representing products for two different genders.

the similarity is that each have a JOB FUNCTION of capturing the interest of the viewer to make and draw attention to the product being sold.

So in closing, its really Simple
Take Some Pictures, get paid from a company looking to sell , market, or promote a Product= MODEL

Take some pictures, place them on social networking sites ie. Myspace.com, Facebook.com,ModelMayhem.com ,Yahoo.com etc etc, for the sake of CLAIMING to be a Model, to be reassured that you LOOK like a Model, in an attempt to

Now you know, and knowing is 1/2 the battle.

At the end of the day , its all in the name of fun and a good time regardless, so if you simply enjoy what you do without concern of the business dynamics, this information will not apply to you so by all means continue to enjoy yourself as you please.This is intended for individuals who DO have an interest in the business aspects and simply desire valid information to succeed.