Countdown for T Mobile G-1 (Google Phone) T-Minus 45 Days


Time Flies when you are having fun!

In a post from last year if not two years ago, we introduced you to the know Google Phone concept which was currently in development with the actual software that runs the phone which is known as Android.

Fast forward to Fall  2008 and it looks like the folks over at T-Mobile are who the game has selected to take up the challenge Apple for the title of having the most PIMPISH smart phone on the market.

In order for them (T-Mobile) to have somewhat of a fighting chance requires them to partner with Internet Goliath Google, in order to use their brand as leverage to compete with Apple, which actually IS first and foremost a Computer Technology company.

To give you the skinny on the actual factual, it is as follows.

T-Mobile like the others wish to upgrade their smart phone capabilities like other tel com companies such as Verizon and AT&T which provides the service for iPhone.
Also other hardware manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, and Motorolla  are looking to innovate their product lines, yet each of them have run into a challenge which is SATURATION.There really isn’t much left to do with a smartphone which is the reason why the reviews have been coming so infrequently as of late.

Enter Google, which actually develops , maintains and owns some of the most widely used applications on the internet (Search Engine,G-Mail-You Tube, Etc) and now Android which is an open source application that the new g1 phones come equipped with. for non techies, it simply means you and others are able to PIMP the phone software and make it do other things that were not previously included when you first got it, and without having to pay someone for the upgraded services.

All and all, while the G1 Phone is an interesting concept, , they seem to be
Slackin’ In Their Marketing Mackin’ which surprises me due to the fact of how much money they spend on advertising and celebrity endorsements for their current services and products such as Fav 5′ commercials and  D-Wade Sidekick Mania.

It seems like they are expecting for GOOGLE to carry the weight with its Brand Name, yet while the name is Widely Known, it is known for assisting people in finding what they are searching for and NOT for creating, marketing, and producing the products that people want.

The Proof?
Would Apple pay Google for Advertisement of their Hot New Product, or would Google  and T-Mobile pay APPLE for advertising and product placement services on the internet?

Only if the phone can be bought on iTunes ;)

At the end of The Day,it looks like they would ALL pay for product placement on, so I say that your best option would be to own an iPhone AND a G1.

G1 for the Day and i Phone for Nights And Weekends!!

Busy people have been known to carry more than one mobile device to stay in touch, plus it makes you look more Pimpish, like having 2 Bluetooth headsets;
one for each ear!?!?!

I just like the key pad for the  G1, so I guess Im still a bit resistant to change.