APPLE PAY – The Truth About Why Facebook And Instagram Likes Are Monetarily Worthless #WasteOfTime


Apple Pay

@YourService, live on Monday October 20, 2014

Moral Of The Story (Solution)


Has anyone else been able to “bink outside the thox” for long enough to question the real reasons as to why Apple Inc does not have an official Facebook, Instagram, or even a Twitter verified company account or any paid advertisements on those websites, even though their devices are used by hundreds of millions of users worldwide to utilize these same monetarily free social media services?

At the end of the day as well as the beginning, and as a tech industry titan seeking to remain valuable, their focus and priorities may just simply be on what officially indicates value and profit in the global economy, which is that which flows to and from the banks and financial institutions that they are partnered with for this new Apple Pay venture, leaving others to decided which is the best investment and use of their own time/money while using the devices, telcom services, and other consumer goods, that actually do cost money along with such said time and space (data plan).

Put in a more non technical and understandable way.


Q: What would Steve Jobs think, say, and do?

A: “Time is money, and you aint gotta LIKE me, but you do gotta PAY me, as I think different!”


A financially sound global economy perspective to consider.