Nokia Goes After Apple For Digital Music Market Share

Once again its on.
The trends are showing that whenever the King of the Hill gets too comfortable in the position, the next up and coming is plotting their downfall and replacement.

Enter Nokia, which is the worlds largest manufacturer of mobile phones. With that said, we also can say hello to their new Comes With Music service which is set to go live sometime in the beginning of 2009.
This was a service created to offer music along with their new touchscreen phones known as the

5800 Xpressmusic

Set to be released in Britain at a cost of 279 euros ($395) sometime this month, its a strategic attempt to compete with both the iPHONE with its touchscreen appeal as well as the iTUNES music service ,as this phone as evident by its name is geared towards those interested in digital music on their mobile devices.

The service is set to have most of the major music companies offer selections from their catolouges for downloads similar to the iPhone Service. Perspective
What irritates me about todays market place, especially in the technology sector is a lack of innovation and originality.The thought process of most producers is to look at what the originators are doing, then attempting to offer the EXACT same thing with added modifications at a similar or lesser cost.

Ultimately I see it showing up in a decline of consumer spending on these products because although most are not aware of the reasons as to why they have a desire to purchase scertian items, the producers SHOULD know that it tends to be for emotional needs.

With that said, which contridicts what many analyist are claiming, which is that consumers, namely here in the U.S. are more concerned with cost and selection than brand, it will eventually show that quality will always outsell and outlast quantity in the long run.

Apples dominance in the digital music arena is directly due to their focus on originality and while some individuals may be in fact interest in the REMIX version from competitors, the actual first release of the quality product will always hold its value which is why the Apple iPOD is still in high demand in this SLUMPING ECONOMY even though most retailers carry quite a few Low Cost digital music players .
Verizon offered V-Cast for music and Samsung and a few others already have touchscreen features, yet they didnt seem to steer people away from Apple products ad services.

To put it another way, simply explain the logical reasons as to why a young or even older shopper should
be interested in some

Stephon Maubury Starbury

As opposed to some
Air Jordans

Everybody knows that with the money you spend on one pair of Jordans, you could buy 5-10 pair of Starbarys and still have enough for some pizza slices.

As much LOGICAL sense as it makes, sure doesnt seem to decrease the demand for the Jordans,
so I guess Apple in this case would have to send out a note to keep the industry in check, which is as follows.

Attention All Valued Customers-

Time To Step Your Game Up.

See You At The Top
Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin