Novelist Omar Tyree And Entrepreneur Arthur Wylie Join Forces

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Entrepreneur Arthur Wylie has secured the rights for literary works from popular urban novelist Omar Tyree for an unprecedented multimillion dollar intellectual property partnership.This partnership is slated to combine both of their strengths in the areas of urban dialogue and project finance.

Arthur Wylie-Self made millionaire entrepreneur and head of Arthur Wylie Enterprises,is a dynamic individual who has earned an excellent reputation for his role in assisting notable professional athletes with  personal wealth management. He is also a popular author and speaker within the real estate , wealth acquisition , and wealth management arenas. Upon seeing an opportunity for growth within the entertainment industry in regards to intellectual property and content targeted towards urban life and discourse, he has established himself as a power broker and holds a strong reputation for securing funding for large scale Hollywood styled media productions.
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Omar Tyree-A reputable novelist who has become popular with millions of readers through his unique portrayals of characters with non traditional Hollywood enactments of the life and times of Urban Americans. His popular novel , Flyy Girl, has sold over a million copies.
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