The Secrets to Unlocking Your Success (Pt.3) Find What Makes You Truly Happy

Passion.  It is a word we rarely hear these days, with the exception of artists telling us how much they love their work. But what if everyone were passionate about something? That would be nice, yes, but if everyone were passionate, the word would lose it’s power. But thanks to the losers, those of us on the path to SUCCESS can stand out once we find that one thing that excites us. 

Remember last week, when we were Identifying those who didn’t have our best interest in mind? We brought up an outlandish, progressive idea right? Well that idea is a good place to start. It will give you something to focus on being passionate about, and it will help the losers understand that you were not just bullshitting to see how many true friends you have. It may be a calming as collecting rare vintage coins, working on your painting or musical masterpiece, or, as exhilarating as taking sky-diving lessons. 

Need help finding that passion? This may sound like some psycho-babble, but try thinking back to your childhood. Before you were interested in the opposite sex, before school stressed you out, before your social life was the cornerstone of your life, you had something that sparked your curiosity. Not saying that you have to try to attempt to be an astronaut, but maybe stargazing would be a start. The point is to ‘do you’. Not what everyone else would like you to do. Alot of times we live trying to please others. Life is short, who knows when you will have time to please yourself? Do it now.