Google Phones Are Now On Deck!

Well, I would have to say that the SECOND most amazing marketing application in the history of the world has to be in regards to this particular device.

People have been known to come to the Internet in search of things that they desire or information regarding it, which is why Google has the most effective search engine in the world and billions use it for their search endeavors on an everlasting basis. It costs a pretty penny for effective ad placement on Google, yet if the device IS a Google device from, it is placed right on the front of the search page without anything else to compete with , so that you see it advertised BEFORE you search for anything else that you may be in need of, so the reach may very well be the most effective in the history of all advertising, all the while, making it ALL SO SIMPLE.

The FIRST most effective marketing mechanism has then got to be here at your Friendly Neighborhood

Well this is in fact an online publication and while other forms of media may have to wait for print or air time, its goes to press in a  matter of minutes (sometimes seconds), and for whatever reason, the G1
Google Phone and other devices seem to be targeted towards individuals who wish to get their information ONLINE, or perhaps stay CONNECTED to for the latest and most relevant Pimpformation, such as the content you are currently reading.

I’ll have to stop by the T ‘Mobile Kiosk today to confirm my own suspisions, and for those who know how to move and shake while its freshly baked, the contact info is

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