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internet addiction

What is Internet Addiction?

Internet addiction is where you place a dependency on using it for your personal needs. This distortion in priorities can impact your work performance, how you engage with others, and your health by way of sleeping patterns, how you manage stress and more. Throughout 2014, 420 million people around the world were addicted to the Internet. Internet addiction is real, and it certainly needs to be addressed.

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(Editor’s Note – Monday April 24, 2017)
Article originally published on Aug 17, 2009 by Rylan Branch

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Continuing on with our mission to provide you as a valued viewer with the best “in the know” information, we are reposting this article with some added expert insight up above as provided by Mr. Robert Coleman at MoneySavingPro.com.

The article was originally published in 2009 before the launch of both Instagram and Snapchat as well as before smartphones and the mobile web reached a point of being an integral part of the daily existence of a growing majority of people in American society as well as globally where Internet service is currently available.

In closing, as it is said by the experts, solid information is that which sustains and even increases in value and relevance over time, so we hope that this helps us all to make more better informed decisions in regards to how we are investing our valuable time and energy because both winning and not winning in the game of life will show to ultimately boil down to decisions made by individuals and collective groups.

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T.G.I.M. (Thank God Its Monday!)
I was actually considering taking a break today to concentrate on some other matters, yet as usual, it is these times when the signs start to show that I have to man my post.

This is a subject that is sure to attract many viewers as it is something that I hear or see mentioned continuously, increasingly over time, and the name of the scenario is FACEBOOK ADDICTION.

Before I begin, if you actually prefer the information regarding this scenario to come from what you perceive as a more reliable and credible source, or what you may have been programmed to believe as such, this link to a CNN.com Health Article on the subject should suit your needs.

My input is simply coming from the perspective of a dot com, online media person who has been at this post since 1999 in one form or another. The whole Facebook Addiction scenario could actually be applied to just about any online social networking outlet which allows users to create personal profiles and exchange words and pictures in a community setting. The popularity of the I.A.D. (Internet Addiction Disorder) concept actually began to circulate when Myspace.com began to use it in their marketing campaigns which was removed after some watchdog groups began to question the ethics of the phrase.

With that said, its now actually a very widely used and popular idea on a popular and widely used social networking site known as Facebook with a purposed 175 million active users around the globe.The profile that I have on there is one that was created in 2005, before its opening up to users outside of the 3 networking categories of
High School, College, and Professionals, and I did not begin to communicate with individuals at the location,until it became open to the general public for networking . My friends list is still small in comparison to the average user, for reasons I am not at liberty to share, yet even still, the concept of Facebook Addiction is mentioned enough in this small group to indicate that it is wide spread.

What I find most interesting is that it tends to be somewhat of a laughing matter for most, which is alarming to a person such as myself, who believes that addition to any substance, whether solid or virtual, is never a good look, as it indicates a lack of self control and life control.


“Facebook is a fun, pleasant, happy, beautiful world. People only present the creme de la creme of their lives on Facebook. And these people want to be your friends! It’s very seductive.”

It’s especially seductive when real life isn’t going so well, Pile adds.

My stance on the matter?
What I always do is observe the actual root causes of the scenarios before I analyze the symptoms.Simply put, I will quote myself by stating it as follows.

“Facebook Addiction is simply an indicator tool used by those in the know to identify individuals whose lives are ruled by what others say and think about them, another way of saying POWERLESS!”- Rylan Branch

As a society in general, the seeking of validation from others in the group is a naturally occurring socialization phenomenon, which is popularly classified as peer pressure. What is most fascinating to me is that this type of behavior usually occurs most frequently in an adolescent age group during a child’s developmental years. It then may progress to institutions of higher learning, yet it tends to decrease once a person reaches adulthood & real world settings when individuals are required to interact with others from different backgrounds and different personality types. The key word for me is INSTITUTION, as this type of behavior , seeking validation and approval from peers is most often seen in grade school, up to high school, yet interestingly enough, is also prevalent in prison institutions settings, as well as corporate work settings.


Is there a correlation? It is a question to be addressed by each individual, yet I will just close with a good starting point which would challenge each individual to question how much of their behavior is determined by the opinions or possible opinions of those in their group, large or small, as the main attraction to online social networking sites is in the ability to give and receive comments, which reflect the opinions of others.


Do you live for and thrive off online comments and kudos?

A different perspective to consider.





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R. Branch
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