Social Media 101 – Guys Wanna Get Laid & Girls Wanna Get Paid

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Judging by the numbers, it looks like there is a job to be done, which indicates that Keepin it Pimpin’ is a recession proof occupation, so on with the show.

I am writing this entry early before things get moving, and in anticipation of the weeks events which include an interview with Facebook CEO/Founder Mark Zuckerburg with Dianne Sayer on Wednesday Night, July 21, 2010.

In regards to the whole buzz surrounding social media, it to me like anything else is just a word or two, and I have been diligently seeking to find what the emotional charge (buzz) is surrounding the term really is.

I actually watched the Bill Gater Jr. and Sr. interview on Larry King in which they were both asked about their opinions of Social Media frontrunner’s Facebook and Twitter. Bill Gates was some what ho hum about Facebook, mentioned that he had an account there just like many other individuals, and said that it is something that his children find more of a use for.
The question that I wanted to have asked is whether or not he and the Microsoft Corporation would be interested in buying the company, and why they decided against it when the discussion was up for debate, yet perhaps Bill Gates is just out of touch with the current trends in technology and is having a rough enough time maintaining profitability for the company that he started in the eighties.

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I am not sure what the rules and standards are regarding self quotation, yet in this case, it suits my purpose, so lets have a look at what I believe in.

” The first order of communication is that between a man and a woman as any human that has ever formed and idea or opinion had to be born first, which was dependent on communication between the parents of that individual. ” – Rylan Branch

As a quick example, if you have ever used Microsoft Windows for your computing needs or any Microsoft product, the video above reflects that in order for both Paul Allen and Bill Gates to create Microsoft, Bill Gates Jr. first had to be procreated which required Bill Gates Sr. to communicate with the mother of Bill Gates Jr. in order for the following events to occur.

A challenge that I face as an African American male in the world of technology that you may be able to assist with resolving is in the fact that many in the technology and corporate business world seem to dance around the subject of sexuality and invest their focus into fancy tech terminolgies like social media to make themselves and others appear knowledgeable and proficient.

Perhaps its simply a matter of different strokes for different folks, yet the experts still stand by the belief that relationships are based on trust, and trust on clear and honest communication, and although some of the technology companies that behave in this way can boast of  popularity,  when it comes to profitability, companies such as

Go Daddy seem to maintain a competitive edge by getting right to
the meat of the matter.

From what I can see, one may consider that after all of the work that is put in to developing technology gadgets and services, the first thing that is showing to happen is a communication that appears as follows.

It even develops its own terminology, which in this case is known as sexting.

Now before we get carried away into subject of adult entertainment,
“guys wanna get laid, & girls wanna get paid”, yet as a course of nature the first thing that is paid in any transaction seems to be the most coveted thing for individuals and businesses alike on social media websites, which is known as the payment of attention, and as an insider tip, businesses who compete with the consumers for followers and likability (friends/fans) in the social media arenas have guaranteed themselves a defeat before an attempt at success is even made (I.M.H.O.)

In ordinary life before the digital age, and perhaps still unbeknown to me, when guy sees girl and takes interest in girl, guy is interested in communication with girl to move towards a chance to be considered for the ultimate pleasure which is……..

In the digital age, I see a trend which indicates that many guys are now not so quick to pay attention to that which is on the menu, simply for the sake of  complementing it’s appearance even though it is not available for any price, and actually is showing to leave the girls with an even greater hunger for attention payment with less and less attention availability and interest from the guys.

Possible Solutions.

The header image of this post is of a young female entrepreneur who is a native of Washington State, similar to Microsoft and Starbucks with its individual founders, and I am placing a bet on myself as well as her that whatever serves her needs the best in regards to technology and social media services which allows her to achieve her goals the most effectively as the type of person that she is and way that her mind works will reign supreme.

In closing Bill Gates, who is still currently the wealthiest person in the world on record claims that the best business advice that has he ever received was from another top ten wealthiest individual, who is an investor and wise businessman, and that advice is summed up in three words.

Keep Things Simple.
Warren Buffet

A different perspective to consider.