Trick or Treat? Sounds An Awful Lot Like PIMP-OLOGY

Wizard of Oz Sexy Dorthy Couture Costume

Ah yes, its THAT time of the year again, especially ggod news for yours truly, yet for different reasons than most.
For whatever reason, the day that was selected for me to make an arrival on earth was Novemeber 3,
So both the Halloween and Election Tuesday have been times of celebration and change for the past 34 years.

With that said, today I am going to go ahead and drop some discourse into the popular Holiday known as Halloween and the things that I have witnessed during my travels , so entertain yourself with my thoughts if you will.

Today I got up at my usual early time, and following my regular routine, I tuned in to Fox Morning news to see Tony Mc Ewings SPOOKY face

and all of the current BAD NEWS, while I wait for Good Day L.A. to see what Jillian And Steve are talking about, Jillian for obvious reasons, and Steve edwards out of respect as a journalist .
I can still recall watching him early in the morning when he used to have an Afro, or what they call a Jew Fro in the 70’s in the time where TV use to actually GO OFF?

The subject that I needed to hear popped up in the form of an article printed in yesterdays addition of
L.A. Times (Health Section!?!?) entitled.

Sexy Halloween costumes . . . for little girls?
The “bad cheerleader” costume is marketed to teens.

For those who like to use the web wisely, the article can be found at
this link–>,0,919843.story

Now for my entry.
This is the Top Quote Of The Month and Perhaps The Year in my book.

Little girls and their big sisters are being encouraged to get dressed up, in many cases, like child prostitutes. Then, they wander the night judging and being judged by their friends as to how well they meet the provocative standard and begging for candy from strangers.

Dealing with the psychology of the matter, to paraphrase Sigmund Freud, the behavior is most likely motivated by sex urge and urge to be important, or life urge and death urge. so on and so forth…Thats Psych-ology, . Do your own research,

So now lets get into what you came for, which is PIMP-OLOGY.
Everything is Relevant and Relative.This is what I believe, so for the entire time of this publications existence, and the popularity explosion of online social networking and the Internet in general, I have pondered very deeply as to the reasons why more and more young women are appear to be interested in appearing to the world in the fashion of a prostitute, and how much it has grown to be socially acceptable, which is what tends to motivate most people, especially children (Peer Pressure).

(Britney Spears Reppin That Pro PRO Propaganda!!)

In this age of instant gratification by way of push button technology, it like movies and music in the digital realm is based supply and demand which is why its called ON DEMAND!

(Sexy Miley Cyrus Google Search Results = 4,420,000)

Here is where the game gets DEEP.
As I have said before, since my date of birth is exactly three days after Halloween, I have always had questions in my mind that perhaps is one of the primal and deep seated motivating factors as to why this publication was created, which is as a means to explore mysteries, investigate assumed norms, come to conclusions and grow.

Example: When Santa Claus Says HO HO HO, what does he really have on his mind?

I was actually on my way to turning this post into a racial issue, yet perhaps it would scare off some of my white voters, yet Ill just keep it to course and expect for our viewers to appreciate the AUTHENTICITY and SINCERITY of the presentation which makes this publication unique and valuable.

Its my time to shine, so the question that I always ask myself is simply where the encouragement of this type of behavior actually stems from?

(Both Paris H & Kim K Have Hit Reality Shows on MAINSTREAM PRIME TIME Television?!?!)

On Hollywood Blvd, there are what most would consider STREET PEOPLE, who earn a living through dressing up as icons and other other worldly beings to entertain the tourist, so I would conclude that it is Halloween Haunt Night 369 days of the year in this particular area.

Children like to play dress up, and its to be expected, yet for grown ups, perhaps its a different set of circumstances, like something that is repressed and can only be expressed on this Holiday or at a theme party such as a
Pimp & Ho Ball that has grown popular for CERTAIN kids and grown ups in America.

Not to be racist but rather REAL, Caucasian Americans seems to really find the concept of the stereotypical Pimp and Ho lifestyle to be extremely attractive, yet if it works then I wont make an attempt to fix it.
(Might SELL it though:)

Shows like Dateline NBC How to Catch A Sex Predator have always fascinated me for a number of reasons.I believe that a sound minded and logical person would know that there are those types of people who enjoy teasing the animals at the zoo, so long as they are within the parameters of safety
(Provocative Exhibitionist) yet if the lion is free and sees fresh meat the provoked becomes the villain and the provoker becomes the innocent victim.

Also, I dont recall seeing  any African American males who fit the stereotypical profile of a sex predator, yet will still tend to face the most scrutiny and fear in mainstream media as well as society for
expressing sexually explicit views in Hip Hop Music and just a normal existence in general.
Even Barack Obamas own grandmother says that she was AFRAID when THAT TIME came for her.

This is something to chew on for quite a long time, so I will keep this one shorter than usual, and expand upon it, and say that I am in fact on a course to determine what is the actual motivation behind young girls in their teens and older finding the image and attitudes of a prostitute tempting, and what the causes are of the inhibitions that repress this expression and the growing acceptance and popularity in Mainstream American Society.
Ever heard the phrase
“Hey Lil Girl, you Want Some Candy?”

I will close with some insight from my own personal interview tih Ron Jeremy back in 2007, who i thought was an excellent person to inquire of in regards to the phenomenon.Hollywood Reality Show and Screenplay Writers do need to BORROW their ideas from somewhere, correct?

PH: Ok, now people say that the Porn Biz is the Bad Cousin of Mainstream Hollywood.
So, at what points do they connect, I mean do Porn stars go to Oscar Parties, and Oscar Recipients attend Porn Parties?

RJ: Yes, YES, Yes they do. These cousins are getting closer and closer, and eventually, will be siblings, and then become one and the same.

Whats REALLY Going On?